Hi. Please don't judge me on what i am about to ask. I have a 8.7cm cyst. I've been trying for a baby with my partner for the past 3 months and i'm still not pregnant. I feel so bad that i'm not pregnant with his baby yet. I feel like giving up trying for

Hi Linda, I don't judge

Hi Linda,

I don't judge anyone. Your questions are safe with me. Sometimes it does take longer to become pregnant for some women. Depending on what type of birth control you used often with an IUD and the Depro shot, or if you took birth control pills for years it takes a little longer for your body to readjust.

Try to not stress so much about becoming pregnant that can also cause stress on your body and delay pregnancy.

As for the 8.7cm cyst wasn't it 6cm in an earlier post? That may be effecting the one ovary but luckily you have two. Try to relax and if nothing happens you can have fertility testing done but I do believe 3 months is a little early to recommend that.

Best of Luck,

Hi TammyM. I'm sorry it's

Hi TammyM. I'm sorry it's 8.7cm. Made a mistake. I just want it gone as i'm in alot of pain. Thank you so much for your answers, it means alot to me that you are giving me advice.

Thanks Linda

I don't blame you. I would

I don't blame you. I would want it gone too especially if it was causing me pain. Seriously consider seeing another doctor. Your health is important and if it is preventing you from happiness (a baby) it is worth the time and money to see someone else.

Best of Luck,

yes that is true. I will do

yes that is true. I will do that so. thanks a million linda :)


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