I have a cyst on one of my ovarian...I went to the docor few days ago and my doctor my merena iud need to be moved and he told me i have a 6 cm cyst need to keep an eye on it?? i am worry what should i do? he put me on birth control ..?

Hi, Often times a cyst is


Often times a cyst is nothing more than a fluid build-up. Of course, I can understand your concern no one likes to be told they have a something in their body that should not be there.

It is common practice for a doctor to say "They will keep an eye on it." If your doctor thought it was something serious he would have ordered more tests to rule out anything he/she may suspect.

Many women get cysts on their ovaries most commonly just before or during their period but a cyst can develop at any time. The cyst usually just goes away on its own.

To be safe make sure you attend any follow up visits to have it checked.

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Hi. I do feel for you now

Hi. I do feel for you now with a cyst. I am only just gone 20 and i have a 8.7cm cyst that needs to be removed. When i went to the hospital to get it removed they told me that they think it might have burst, since i came home I have been in a lot of pain and i know the cyst is still their. When you do go to the hospital make sure that they do a good job finding it and not a fast job like they did on me. Don't worry you will be ok and stay strong. best wishes and get well soon.

Linda :) x

Hi Linda, If you feel the

Hi Linda,

If you feel the cyst is still there you really should get a second opinion from another doctor. If your doctor thought it needed to be removed and you are being told it burst something doesn't add up if you are still in pain.

Please see another doctor and make certain it is gone. I would also request a course of antibiotics (unless you already have them) just in case it did burst and the pain is an infection brewing from the burst cyst.

Best of Luck,

I went to see another doctor

I went to see another doctor and she told me that the cyst is still their, i am going up on the 7th of march to the hospital and this time i'll make sure that they do the right job. Thanks a million

Linda :)

Linda, That is great news!


That is great news! You can even request a before and after ultrasound so you can see for yourself that it is gone for good!


That is a great idea. Thanks

That is a great idea. Thanks a million.


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