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Questionfor how long does sperm remain alive in the uterus of a female? sonny12 weeks 5 days ago
QuestionWhat are the advantages of minors using birth control? jollyrancher82913 weeks 2 days ago
QuestionIm a 16 year old with celiac disease, and am looking for something to help alleviate my period. Im looking for a basis of what to ask my doctor before I go in, although I am interested in an oral pill. Do you have any help? Primmrose13 weeks 4 days ago
Questionhow will i know if i am safe when i use the calendar method, because based on my experience i let my partner withdraw his sperm inside me after my menstruation, last day of my menstruation.is there a possibility that i might get pregnant? tine0914 weeks 2 days ago
QuestionWith the implanon, does it become less effective towards the end of the three years or is it as effective for the entire three years? watsontv6814 weeks 3 days ago
QuestionIs low libido related to various birth control for women? aquarius21714 weeks 3 days ago
Questioni have the implanon bar its due out in dec 10 & in the last few months i get my periods for a month or so at a tym is this a normal side effect?? edonnelly35 weeks 5 hours ago
QuestionI've currently been on the contraceptive bar and i'm experiencing a massive change in my mood swings i just start crying all the time through the day and night for no reason at all i just want to be alone is that normal or am i suffering from depression? aussie9335 weeks 21 hours ago
Questioni did an abortion in july this year and regret it. i cant get over it and since then im trying to conceive again without success. im bleeding heavilly during my period and worrying that something may be wrong with me. please help peggy15 weeks 2 days ago
Questionafter reading your page it states mirena should not be given to people who have had breast cancer my gp recommended i have coil fitted,but i had cancer 9 years ago and now it has reoccured,could this be related. donnaweber5515 weeks 2 days ago
QuestionI am considering having the mirena inserted to assist with very heavy periods. I have also been told I am very close to menopause (I am 42). Will the Mirena help me? I am also concerned about weight gain. Is it common to gain weight? Sammygirl15 weeks 4 days ago
QuestionI've had the IUD for almost 1yr and I've always had cramps but now they have been stronger and never go away. Is this normsl? diana salinas15 weeks 4 days ago
QuestionI got Mirena inserted about a year ago, however last month I could not feel the string and now I am pregnant. The ultrasound did not find the Mirena IUD but confirmed early pregnancy & fibroid. What are my risk if Mirena is still floating around in me? Kindgirl45 weeks 6 days ago
QuestionI am using the copper iud and its seems to be affecting my partner during sex, whats an alternative non hormonal method for me? gasho26 weeks 1 day ago
Questioni took my depo shot around april .. it is now october and last month i didnt have a period at all.. my question is even if you get only ONE shot and never get another one can it still take ur periods aways for a year? blahha8917 weeks 1 day ago
QuestionI have had an IUD fitted approx 3 months ago and previously had no bleeds for years but I have had some discharge over the weeks that came and went but I started to bleed yesterday just a bit but today I was shocked at how much blood there is. is this ok mother goose17 weeks 1 day ago
Questionif sperm came more the three times and you got your period can you still be pregnant skarlynne17 weeks 1 day ago
QuestionI started taking the mini pill Eleven days ago the last three days my milk supply has decreased. How long will it take for my milk to come back normally if I stop taking the pill? Alisham17 weeks 3 days ago
Questionwho is opposed to birth control in Idaho? jeralj17 weeks 3 days ago
Questioni have been experiencing this abnormal bleeding which is heavy flow.my doctor suggested i take combined contraceptives to cease or decrease the blood flow.will i have any effect in taking the pills? akosuaafriyie18 weeks 18 hours ago
QuestionIm taking birthcontrol pills, if i decide that i dont want to have a period this month and just skip my period pills will this be ok? ms.piggy18 weeks 5 days ago
Questioni take the wrong pill for that 2 days..i should take the 8th & 9th one but i get the 13th & 14th pills. what should i do next??can i continue the other pill? hydee hinahon18 weeks 6 days ago
QuestionI have been on depo for 9 years and have gained over 100 lbs, I eat healthy and exercise and cant loose weight, Is this from the Depo? trisagcie39 weeks 6 hours ago
Questioni stop'd taking my birth control and still have a weeks worth... but i had sex like 4 weeks ago on my period. i got my period again but it was wierd it was spotty for a day and watery ... could i be pregnant?? ash43019 weeks 20 hours ago
Questioni took out my norplant before 6 months but still i can't be pregnant meaza19 weeks 5 days ago

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