Is Your Menstrual Cycle Hurting Your Health


Aside from the typical and expected moodiness, unexpected tears, bloating, headaches, and PMS your menstrual cycle may be hurting your health more than you realized.

Days 1 Through 13

One day’s one through thirteen a woman’s cholesterol levels can increase by 20 percent. If you are, being treated for high cholesterol make your doctor’s appointments on day 14 or later. To be sure to get an accurate cholesterol reading each time you are tested make your appointment for the same time of the month for each visit.

More Injury Prone

Days 1 though 13 also make you more prone to injuries. Research suggests that hormones may make women have less muscle control and more susceptible to knee injuries.

Days 14 and 15

These two days area double edged sword while you have trouble concentrating and feel as if you could not find your own head if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders it is also the days when your most fertile therefore, in the mood!

Days 16 Through 28

If you have any preexisting conditions such as anxiety, depression, asthma, or migraines they are likely to intensify during this time period. Your diet may also go out the window during this time cravings for sweets and starching foods also increase. Doctors recommend combating the craving with a little dark chocolate. Yes, they just gave us permission to eat chocolate!



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