I am 22 and just found out that my 19 year old girlfriend is now pregnant. She said she is not sure if she wants and abortion. I am just don;t know if I can do it and support a kid. What do I do?

honestly no one is really

honestly no one is really ready for a child. but if she chooses to keep it you bailing on the situation will hurt the child more then aanything

Wteva u do don't make up her

Wteva u do don't make up her mind for her coz that wud be added pressure to d situation. Just do ur best 2 support her emotionally. Consider carefully coz once it's gone it's gone and havin regrets is d worst feelin eva.

Encourage an abortion. If you

Encourage an abortion. If you are forced in court to pay child support then I think you should ask the judge if you can raise the child instead and have her pay YOU support. After all, if she uses your sperm to give birth to a child without your consent, she is both a rapist and a thief and not a good role model for your child.

Hi Scared, You seem to have a

Hi Scared,

You seem to have a situation on your hands here. First your girlfriend is the one carrying your child and legally it is her decision whether or not to keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy.

Emotions for both partners run high in this type of situation. You say you do not know if you can support a baby. Is that because you are in college or unemployed? There are plenty of programs to help and make sure your baby is well taken care of medically before and after birth.

Look into Medicaid (though social services or human services), WIC (Women Infants Children) is a program the provides healthy food for mom during pregnant and formula for baby and the healthy food for the growing baby/child up to 5 years of age.

If your only concern is support there is plenty of it available.

Best of Luck


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