A Brave Woman


There is a very brave woman in Indonesia. Her name is Zoya Amirin. One of the things that makes her remarkable is she happens to be the only female certified sex therapist in the country. Even more remarkable in incredible brave is the fact that she is openly talking about sex in a country where you can lose your teaching job if you mention the word “condom.”

Tired of the misinformation and ignorance about sexual health and sexuality that is sweeping her country; Zoya Amirin has decided to do something about it. She launched her own pod cast called “In Bed with Zoya” where she speaks openly about sexuality. This may be considered shocking to some, given Indonesia has a large Muslim population and a history of social conservatism.

Amirin says her biggest challenge is dealing with the myths about sexuality and sexual health that many in her country take as fact. These myths include:
• Females who do not get circumcised with be nymphomaniacs
• Putting a bead underneath the foreskin on a boy’s penis will enhance sexual pleasure.
• Gecko saliva will cure AIDS
• Clove cigarettes increase virility

In a country where 40% of teens are sexually active, believing these myths can lead to serious consequences. Amirin hopes that discussing sexuality in a frank and open manner will help educate the public with factual information as well as change mindsets about female circumcision which still occurs despite a ban in 2006 and the blame the victim mentality of their culture when it comes to sexual assault victims.

Amirin has her work cut out for her in a country where teens report feeling uncomfortable discussing sex with parents and talking about sex in public is a great taboo. She should be given credit for taking on this tremendous challenge and trying to improve the lives of the people of Indonesia.



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