And here we go again


Not one to wait around, I called a guy I met almost two years ago who still haunts me as a good one that got away. At the time I had also met the boyfriend candidate who hit me like fireworks. This guy is more like passive, quiet intrigue.

So here we go again. And dating at forty something is so weird. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years. The old dating paradigm is a hindrance. The new dating paradigm is dual branched. One branch is date to get drunk and/or laid. The second branch is date to get married and/or laid. The bc was category one and I’m thinking the new guy is category two, but I’m not totally sure.

Having been drunk and satisfyingly laid over the last year and half I see the pros and cons. The cons far outweigh the pros. I remember thinking at one point that losing the sex was going to be a real issue when I inevitably unloaded the BC. But it’s surprising how you can fall right back into sexlessness, so much so that I’ve looped back to square one where I’m a little afraid of starting over with the whole thing again. Especially with this guy because I assume if he’s a type two, then it’s not swinging from the chandelier kind of sex, it’s more like making love. I’m not so sure I’m really ready or even interested in that. Perhaps I just have trust issues because I’m not sure it’s even real. All that gazing into each other’s eyes. Sounds like a waste of time. I guess if you have both it mixes it up. Adds to the menu. Really, I’d rather do it on the hood of the car in a parking garage with AC/DC blaring on the radio then in a comfortable bed with candles lit and Lionel Ritchie. I guess if you could get both that would be cool. I guess.

Look at me, for someone so great with sexlessness I sure have one thing on my mind don’t I? And the AC/DC - Lionel Ritchie reference just puts me on the timeline doesn’t it?


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