Anti-Abortion Bills Running amok Throughout the US


Apparently government officials across the United States have forgotten about women’s rights and pro-choice. Anti-abortion bills are showing in a large number of states. All these anti-abortion bills being made by the mighty pen of men make me wonder if we have regressed back to the 1950’s. Regardless, of my feeling or your feelings about abortions a woman still has the right to make that decision it is her body and her choice!

New York Jumps on the Anti-Abortion Ban Wagon

It is not clear at this point what New York’s bill will include it could be anything from a five day wait to the governors housekeeper deciding who can have an abortion and who cannot. In recent news one of the most shocking bills comes from the state of South Dakota a woman must now wait three days - seventy-two hours before being able to practice her right to have an abortion. It is the longest waiting period ever put into effect.

Ohio Bringing out the Big Guns

As if it is not difficult, enough for a woman to make the decision to have an abortion despite the circumstances that brought her to that decision the state of Ohio lawmakers are considering “banning” abortions after six weeks. In one case, they made two pregnant women have an ultrasound so they could hear the fetus heartbeat.

Texas’s Weak Attempt at Banning Abortions

The following is a quote from the source listed at the bottom of this article: “In Texas, a bill passed by the House would require that pregnant women have an opportunity to view a sonogram image, hear the fetal heartbeat and listen to a doctor describe the fetus. While the doctor would be obligated to provide the information, the woman could close her eyes or cover her ears, according to the bill, which doesn't exempt victims of rape or incest.”


Correct me if I am wrong but we still live in America the land of the free. By the looks of all the anti-abortion laws, being written and signed into law the only free people will be the men! I think these lawmakers need a review course in Rowe V Wade.



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