Ok everybody i have a serious question i need to know if my girlfreind is going to be pregnet from this please help me!!

ok so today me and my

ok so today me and my girlfreind were having oral sex and touching eachothers body and making out then i made a very very stupid mistake that i regret now i went inside her WITHOUT a condom for a couple of seconds i didnt even really have intercourse i just went inside her then i pulled out i was not usuing a condom and i did not ejaculate before or during when i was inside of her she is on the birth controll pill and takes it every day around the same time and this is the first time we have ever done anything like this i am very scared worried and nervous right now please help me!!!

Is there a chance she will

Is there a chance she will get pregnet? she is not taking any other medicine or antibiodics that could interfere with here birth controll pills and she hasnt missed any pills i really need help im only 17 and she is 16 i think thats like all of the details.

Dear Mario123, I think you

Dear Mario123,
I think you can breathe a sigh of relief. Chances are very small that your girlfriend would become pregnant based on what you just described. If she is on the pill already, then you have one layer of protection, on top of practicing withdrawal, which gives you additional layer of protection.
That being said, you are still at risk for STDs, given the sexual behaviors you described can transmit disease. Also, no method is 100% effective against pregnancy, so there is always a small chance.
Here is an excellent article about unsafe sex: http://www.christianfamilyplanning.org/unsafesex.php
Best of luck,
Dr. Williams

Monnica Williams, Ph.D.
Sex Education Advisor. www.MonnicaWilliams.com.

STD Facts and Photos: www.STDsInColor.com.
Free Pregnancy Testing Centers: 800-395-HELP.


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