Is it safe to have sex if I have been on the pini pill for 2 weeks, and my boy friend and i will use the pull out method just to be sure? We have both been checked for STD's , so that's not a worry. pleaseeee help !

Hi Confused, I assume you

Hi Confused,

I assume you mean the "mini pill"? If so you are protected after taking the pill for 7 days. So, you should be fine. Of course, using another form of birth control when you first start a new pill is always a good idea. Especially sense the mini pill is on average only 90% effective in some case.

Best of Luck,

Thanks TammyM, It's just my

Thanks TammyM, It's just my boy friend is getting obsessed about not using a condom ... is there sperm in pre cum, so he can pull out maybe? If anything escapes the mini pill will still save me wont it !!??

Hi Confused, Yes, there is

Hi Confused,

Yes, there is sperm in pre cum. As long as he pulls out in time you should be fine. I know it says you are safe after 7 days but if you are really worried about getting pregnant I would use the condoms until you have been on the pill for the full month. That way you know you are safe!

Thanks soooo much !! ooo and

Thanks soooo much !! ooo and 1 more question - that mini pill is making me have like irregular bleeding- totallllly annoying !... and well off putting for him. not dangerous to have sex when you are experiencing some light bleeding is it ??

Hi Confused, Irregular

Hi Confused,

Irregular bleeding is very normal with the mini pill and it is not at all dangerous to have sex during light bleeding or your menstrual cycle it is all a matter of preference.

thankyouuuu again!! so it is

thankyouuuu again!! so it is normal to have irregular bleeding... but how annoying! its like permanently being on your period!! :o is it normal to be heavier the day after you have sex then ?

Hi Confused, Yes, it can be

Hi Confused,

Yes, it can be annoying. Yes, heavier bleeding after sex is also normal as the penis can cause an irritation from the movement. It is somewhat similar to having your period be a day late then having sex and getting your period the next morning. It is a strange phenomenon.


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