about normal pregnancy counting. I am working here in somewere in Middle east country.

My wife get minstration the

My wife get minstration the day before I arrive which is May 22, 2010. So as a respect, we never get sex for 4 or 5 days. As days past by, the problem was expose. my wife has legitimate affair with other man which she confirm later on to me. To make story short... I return back to my work after a 1 month of vacation. My big question is, it's normal he get pregnant. But she normally delevered the baby on feb 19,2011; which I dont expect to early. Is it posible that it is my baby. I am doubt of it. Because I expect it first or second week of march 2011. Hope to knew your suggestion and comments. As partial clarification to my doubt. Thank you...

Hi, If you and your wife had


If you and your wife had sex 10 days to 2 weeks after her menstruation (on May 21st) then the baby was born nine months after that time it is very possible that the baby is yours. The only way to confirm if the baby is yours is to have a paternity test, it is a simple blood test.

Best of Luck!

Yes ma'am, we did. But when

Yes ma'am, we did. But when you count in the time frame, it is to early. Is it posibble, and exact in 9 month prior? I understant of the best option, which is paternity test. But as I said. partially knowlege. For the sake of my doubt. Thank for your first comment and Idea ma'am. Please can you explain it more further.You know a lot about this things. Thanks a lot ma'am.

Hi, A full term pregnancy


A full term pregnancy last for 40 weeks. Sperm can live in the body for 5 days. If you were home between May 23rd through June 23rd and the baby was born on February 19th that is 9 months. A baby is not always born on their exact due day they can be early or late. When was your wife's due date?

I'm basing my answer on the time frame you were at home your wife could NOT have been pregnant before you returned home from work she had her menstrual cycle when you came home.

You were home one month - so your wife got pregnant during that month we will say she conceived on June 4th (for example) that does NOT mean her due date would of been February 4th it would have been February 24th.

To try and make this easier I'm adding a link to a website that will help you to calculate when your wife conceived.


I hope this helps!

Best of Luck!

If ever that the case, It

If ever that the case, It conseived and start June 4th. July is 1st month, and march is the exact 9 month. Not in february 19. which I doubt a lot. also, Im just wondered on that time I was arrive, She has only minimal blood came out. a normal mistration,as I know will be much more in one and two day, sometimes 3 day. in here case, it is just a blooted. Some say, maybe it is aready pregnant during I came, Imagin She has small amount of blood came out and after 4 day, totally nothing. so Im feel doubt on it. Any how as you said paternity is the best result. any more suggetion ma'am. Thanks...

Hi, If your wife got pregnant


If your wife got pregnant on June 4th then you have to count June 4th to July 4th as ONE month you do not start counting a month after conception you start counting the day of conception. Which would have made the baby due in February.

Sir it appears you refuse to believe that the baby is yours I understand that but I'm afraid I cannot offer you anymore advice than I already have. I strongly suggest a paternity test that is the only way you will know for sure and then you can decide what to do from there.

I wish you all the best!


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