Circumcision and Prostate Cancer


Researchers at the Ref Hutchinson Cancer Research Center completed a study that they say shows men who are circumcised before they become sexually active have less chance of developing prostate cancer.
Published in the online Journal Cancer, the study consisted of a total of 3,399 male subjects, 1,754 with prostate cancer and 1,645 without prostate cancer. The study found that males who were circumcised prior to first sexual intercourse were 15% less likely to develop prostate cancer.
Researchers of this study theorize that circumcision may hinder infection and inflammation which may contribute to malignancy. Previous research indicates a relationship between infection and cancer. More specifically sexually transmitted infections may contribute to prostate cancer. Previous research also indicates that circumcision helps prevent sexually transmitted infections in the male. So it seems logical that therefore, circumcision would help prevent prostate cancer.
Circumcision helps prevent sexually transmitted infection and by extension, prostate cancer by making the penis a more inhospitable environment to bacteria and other disease causing pathogens. Removal of the foreskin also removes the dark, moist space under the foreskin where bacteria can thrive. This can also cut down on inflammation that can come with sexually transmitted infections which can also make prostate cancer more likely.
While this study was conducted with observational data alone it is significant in that it lays the foundation for further research in this area.


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