A Rare Allergy may Cause Men to Become Sick Immediately After Sex


This mysterious syndrome can be very troubling for a man and his partner. The disorder known as post orgasmic illness syndrome is a rare allergy to their own sperm.

POIS - Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

Post orgasmic illness syndrome can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are similar in nature to those of the common flu bug. The only difference is the symptoms begin almost immediately after the man has ejaculated. The symptoms include a fever, intense fatigue, runny nose and even burning eyes. The symptoms can last up to seven days. For a man who experiences this for the first time especially during flu season he is most likely to just write it off as the flu.

Two Studies

In one of the studies performed thirty-three men participated. They were given an allergy skin test (injection under the skin of the allergen) the allergen in this case was the man’s own watered down sperm. Of the thirty-three men, twenty-nine of them had a positive allergic reaction and became ill with a few minutes.

The second study used a therapy called hyposensitization the men were injected with there own sperm a very diluted amount at first then gradually more and more of it was their own sperm. It takes between a year and three years to see an improvement.


If you or your partner experience any of the symptoms it is best to be checked out by an urologist so a diagnose can be made and treatment can be stated.

Source: http://www.aolhealth.com/2011/01/18/syndrome-men-get-sick-after-sex/


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