Awareness Initiative Informs Pregnant Women of Dangers from Wireless Radiation


The BabySafe Project is a new public awareness initiative that is designed to inform women about the known links between wireless radiation and pregnancy.

It is natural for a pregnant woman to take as many steps as necessary to protect the life and health of her unborn baby. A new public awareness campaign is hoping to highlight one potential health risk that many woman are not aware of, and are not being made aware or, until now: wireless radiation.

Also called microwave radiation or radio frequency radiation (RFR), wireless radiation is sent from the wireless devices we use every day, including smart phones.

Today, it is well known in the science community that wireless radiation can lead to so-called non-thermal biological effects—meaning effects on the human body that aren't related to the warming or heating effects on human tissue. Rather, these effects include damage to our DNA. Not for nothing has the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, classified wireless radiation as a possible human carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance.

On top of that, pre-clinical studies show that wireless radiation can casue neurological effects like behavioral disorders that could create long-term health problems.

To that end, The BabySafe Project is making the following recommendations to women who are pregnant in an effort to reduce their exposure to wireless radiation:

  • - Don’t carry your cell phone on your body (like in a pocket or bra)
  • - Don't place your cell phone, tablet or laptop on your abdomen
  • - Talk on speaker or use an air tube headset
  • - Try not to use your phone in cars, trains, or elevators
  • - When possible, connect wired cables to routers and turn off your WiFi feature
  • - Unplug your home WiFi router when you're not using it
  • - Avoid prolonged exposure to WiFi routers at home, school and work
  • - If your home or apartment or close neighbor as a wireless utility meter (i.e. a "smart meter"), sleep in a room as far away from it as possible

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