Recent Study - Birth Control Pills do not Cause Weight Gain

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A recent study performed by the Oregon National Primate Center at Oregon Health and Science University has proved that oral contraceptives or birth control bills as they are more commonly known as do not cause weight gain. This has been a topic of debate for several years Judy Cameron, PhD has finally been able to prove this as a myth.

The Study

The scientists and doctors used a group of rhesus macaque monkeys because their reproductive system is almost identical to that of a human woman. At the beginning of the study half of the monkeys were their ideal weight and the other half were obese. The monkeys diet was controlled and they were given birth control pills the dosage was ideal for their weight just as with women. The researchers tracked the monkeys for eight months.

The Study Results

The monkeys who started at their ideal weight remained at their ideal weight, the obese monkeys lost weight. The food intake and activity level of all of the monkeys remained the same as it was before the study started.


Birth control pills do not cause weight gain. Woman main gain weight while taking birth control pills for numerous reasons including, over eating, lack of activity and exercise, or any other number of reasons that do not pertain to the birth control pills.



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