Safe Sex Education in Schools


For many years, safe sex education in schools has been a controversial subject. Many parents want their children taught about safe sex and just as many parents think sex education is a lesson best taught at home.

The Benefits of Teaching Safe Sex Education in Schools

Most states require sex education to be a part of the core curriculum. There are some (few) states that do not and in the case of Catholic or other religious schools the safe sex education is taught in the manner of abstinence, therefore safe sex is no sex. There are benefits of teaching safe sex education in schools. Probably the most important benefit stems from the fact that some parents do not even discuss sex in front of their teenagers let alone discuss it with them. This leaves these teens clueless, in a manner of speaking, sure they know how or no doubt can figure out how to have sex but aside from that their knowledge of the consequences (pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases) is severely limited. Unfortunately, these are the same group of teens asking questions on all the sex, pregnancy and STD discussion boards across the World Wide Web. Even though it may already be too late to prevent that unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. This situation of course, opens up a new assortment of problems. The teens now have to deal with the situation alone because they are too afraid to tell their parents.

Parents & Safe Sex Education In Schools

For the majority of parents, safe sex education in schools is not only a welcome but also reinforcing subject. At one time or another the “Birds & the Bees” will come up and parents do the best job they can to educate their children about safe sex - usually pleading with them to remain abstinent. When the parents have the schools to reinforce what they have talked to their teens about, and further the education, most parents welcome the safe sex education in schools.

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You are assuming that parents

You are assuming that parents aren't talking to their children about sex and their family values. This is not the case for 90% of parents. Some information is good, the basic birds and bees, and there is no such thing as safe sex. For those 10% of parents who don't care and don't have time, so these kids are instructed on safe sex, instead of abstinence? Are you kidding. Oh yes, I forgot this a website that helps sell contraceptives. DUH.


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