Herbal Contraceptives


Herbal contraceptives have been used for been used for centuries they are often called pessaries or potions. Some women swear by herbal contraceptives while other women end up swearing at them! Regardless, herbal contraceptives are worth taking a look at it.

Herbal Contraceptives & The Natural Health Movement

To say herbal contraceptives are new would be a lie. Herbal contraceptives have been around for thousands of years. The first known use was in 1850 BC. Herbal contraceptives were known as (and still are) pessaries. The people lived off the land literately in ever sense of the word. They got the food, shelter, clothing, tools, and even birth control from the land. Before modern medicine was developed and practiced, women had no other choice but to use specific plants to make pessaries as there only method of birth control. Many women still depended on pessaries and potions (liquid mixture of different herbs) today some believe it is part of the natural health movement in which people frown upon ingesting man made medications that contain additives and preservatives. These individuals would prefer to skip all the unnecessary “items” in any type of medication. It is not natural they are not interested. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and as effective as prescription “man made” birth control pills and devices are there are still women who become pregnant using them. Therefore, there is no room for judgment it is all a matter of personal choice.

A Closer Look at Herbal Contraceptives

The most important thing a woman can do if she decides to use any type herbal contraceptives is to seek the advice of a master herbalist or a holistic practitioner. Do not just grab an herb book and look up birth control in the index then go forging through your local state park in search of an herb(s). What you find may look like what you want but for all you know it could be poisonous and deadly. Even if you do get lucky and get the right herb(s), what are you going to do with them? Some herbs cannot be mixed, others only certain parts such as the stem or root have any medicinal value at all and sometimes herbs do not mix well with prescription medications or supplements. Therefore, if you decide herbal contraceptives are right for you then do it right and go to see someone who knows what they are doing.


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